It's Official!

Shane and I will see our 1st house that we had together for the last time next week.

We are still in the process of "selling" it, but we are moving all of our stuff out of it next week!

This is very bitter sweet for me . . . .

I mean. It was our first house together, and I loved the house. It was perfect for us. Just enough room, a huge fenced in back yard, a nice big kitchen, a roomy master bedroom with a master bathroom, a huge walk in closet, close to town and tons of stores . . . the only thing wrong with it was that the majority of our family & friends were too many miles away.

We put so much into the house. Added a brand new roof (done by ourselves and family members), added a deck (done by Shane and me . . but mostly Shane), added a closet (also done mostly by Shane), painted the garage floor with epoxy paint, re-painted mostly all of the rooms in the house (including the tearing down of tons of wallpaper), painted the entire outside of the house, updated light fixtures, did tons of landscaping, painted our shed, re-roofed the shed, took a head level soap dish out of our shower and put in decorative tiles. We thought we were doing such a great job. Bought a house as an investment, put tons of sweat and work into the house to update it and make it better, . . . then the housing market/banks stuck a knife in our backs (a couple of them actually . . and maybe even twisted them around a couple times . . I think they are still in there).

We lost way too much money on our house in just one year (too much to even say . . . including not only the value of the house, but all the money we spent on the improvements)! It's totally depressing. And we are still trying to get help to sell it, because we cannot even afford to sell it. We owe so much more on our loans than what the house is worth now. And it's so unfair, because it's nothing we did. It seriously makes me cry.

We put our hearts into that house to make it the best, and it totally backfired in our face.

So . . . 1st house we ever had . . . I love you. I really do. So many memories, so much work.

Banks/economy . . whoever the craps fault it is for this mess . . . I despise you. You have ruined all the work we did, all the time we put in, all the money we spent. The next several years of our lives will be difficult for us (financially/homey) because of you, and there is nothing we can do about that. . . .

I mean don't get me wrong, we didn't HAVE to sell our house, but to us the most important thing is our family and friends, so we needed to move back to Erie. We knew we were going to have some issues with our house, we just never realized it would be to this magnitude! To us, our families and friends are more important than material objects, . . .obviously houses and money are still important . . b/c it sucks that we are losing so much, but we have gained so much more by moving back home.


*kc said...

It is a terrible shame that you cannot get the full value of your house and improvements back.

... But we sure are glad you are back!

j*amy said...

we are glad you are back!

and that picture is beautiful!

you will find another awesome house!!