6 Year Dating Anniversary!

Today marks Shane and I's "6-Year Dating Anniversary" . . . you know . . . . the anniversary you keep track of before you get married . . .
Well . . . I keep track even after we got married! I met Shane at Penn State Behrend. We were both on the track team together (. . .I know . . . you know.).
I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking, "gosh I'm not going to like this guy . . . he just seems way too good for everyone else." (Shane and I went to rival high schools --> General McLane and Harborcreek . . . so I knew of him already . . he was the star of his track team and I saw him on the "Athlete of the Week" thingy or something like that on tv.) I just wasn't sure about him . . .
His first thoughts when he saw me was, "man that girl has way too many things on her key chain". Ha! I just think that's so funny!
So we saw each other every day during track, and even though our coaches thought we were going to kill each other (we would have water fights, pick on each other, Shane always wanted me to tell him that he was my master, and he almost buzzed my hair off) . . . we knew it was growing to be more (that was just our way of flirting I guess).
I will never forget going to his dorm room our first couple "dates" together (and by dates I mean watching David Letterman in his old recliners in his dorm room). It was the simplest thing, but it was just so fun for me to be with him. I knew that I wanted to be with him all the time.
So then we had the greatly awkward "are we dating" talk, and decided that we, in fact, were! And ever since then (May 6, 2003), we have been together!

So, Happy 6 Year Dating Anniversary, Baber! I am so glad that you have accepted my crazy full key chain, and I know that you are the most down to earth, generous, giving person. You would do anything for anyone, and I love you.

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Shane said...

aww thanks baber, happy anniversary to you too can't wait to see you