Post UP!

Shane and I had our "Date Night" last Friday. It was so great! We went to TGI Friday's for dinner. I had an amazing strawberry fields salad! It was soooo good and a couple bites of Shane's Jack Daniel's Chicken Strips! We played some calendar cranium, and saw my Uncle there.
We then went to go see the movie, UP! In 3-D! You can see from this picture I was waaayy too excited! Good thing we got there early because it was sold out! We got some good seats too! I thought they matched the 3-D glasses with Carl's (the main old guy) glasses, which I thought was totes cute and a good idea, but Mase pointed out that those were the same 3-D glasses they got when they went to see Monsters vs. Aliens soo . . . .

But it was a great movie!! Worth $20?! Yes! After a while I didn't even know I was wearing 3-D glasses and the quality was pretty good! A lot better than the old days with the red and blue glasses. The movie was very cute! I thought it almost had more adult humor than kid humor . . in fact the one kid behind us said . . "is the movie over yet? I'm getting tired." So I think we might've enjoyed it more than a lot of the little kids there. I don't want to give too much info away on the movie, but I definitely recommend seeing it!

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