First Country Concert!

So . . . this weekend I am going to my first "real" country concert. The only other country artists I saw were Martina McBride (but it was a Christmas concert), and Toby Keith (which was awesome, but was at the Crawford County Fair) . . . I actually have to drive an hour or two and not only will there be one awesome country artist, there will be 5!!!
I am going with my hubby, Shane's brother (Bry), and his wife (Sommer)! I have my cowgirl hat and everything, so I am ready to go! And the weather is supposed to be awesome! 80's and sunny! Concert doesn't start until 4pm though, so when the sun goes down, we'll be moving to keep warm (aka dancing . . . p.s. - did you catch the corny kenny chesney song reference?!)! Not sure the order of the artists, but the two fellows above like to call themselves Montgomery Gentry. Out of all the artists, I probably know the least of their songs, but I'm excited to hear them nonetheless! Hope they give me something to be proud of!
Besides Kenny, I am probably most excited to hear/see Lady A! I have their CD and love EVERY song on it!! It's such a feel good and fun CD, so def looking for a good time with them!
Miranda Lambert! Actually . . I'd probably say I know equal number of songs for her and Montgomery Gentry . . . but I'm getting ready to hear "Dry Town". It's so fun!
Sugarland! How cute are they!? I heard they are absolutely amazing in concert too, so I'm super psyched for something more! I know a lot of their songs, but my fav right now is "It Happens"! Because it's so true! Stuff goes wrong, and you just have to deal with it!
The headliner, Kenny Chesney! I already gave my cheesy "try to put a song lyric in my paragraph for that artist" bit for Kenny, so I will just say that with him getting the "Entertainer of the Year Award" a gazillion times, I have big hopes for him!! I hope he can live up to it! I will let you know!


Shane said...
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Shane said...

don't know why staci doesn't think those were "real" concerts but they were so this is her third "real" concert FYI