New Bikes!

Shane and I get to pick up our new bikes tomorrow from one of the best bike stores in Erie, Competitive Gear! (I can't say it's the best b/c this is the only one I've been to, but I have heard lots of good things about it and they were very nice and helpful to us!)!!! Shane is getting the top bike (the Gary Fisher Tiburon), and I am getting the bottom bike (Gary Fisher Zebrano Step Thru)! We did lots of research (and by we, I mean Shane . . I did a little). We wanted "hybrid bikes" . . ones that are good on the road and good on paths.

Hopefully it will be nice enough out tomorrow so we can ride them around the peninsula or something! Sooooo excited! :-) Yay!!

P.S. - I originally wanted the 20" women's version of Shane's Tiburon bike, but they were sold out. So then I got the very last 20" frame for the Zebrano StepThru (last one in the nation!!)!! :-)

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