The Irony.

Saturday we were faced with the two year anniversary of my grandpa's death.
It was definitely a hard day for us all. My grandpa was one of the greatest people. His humor is something I will never forget, and something that made my life better in so many ways. His urn to teach me about life (whether it was how to drive, how to bowl, how to put a handle on a door, how to cut a piece of wood, how to swim, how to answer the phone with "yellllllllloooowww", and how to yell at telemarketers when they call . . "don't you know it's Sunday and I'm trying to watch my football!") is something I will always remember.
I have never had someone so close to me die before, and I struggle with it every day. I know he is living better now though, and I know that one day I will be with him again. I can't wait to hug him . . . and keep hugging him . . and him say "ok. . . ok . . . ok. . . geez. that's enough." I love you Grandpa.

And the ironic part of the day . . . we celebrated my cousin Tyler's 2nd birthday! He was born the exact day that my Grandpa died.I just love these kids! They are so adorable and so cute!
They definitely enjoyed the cake and got it all over their mouths!! Austin ate the "road" so his was even better!
God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled. ~Author Unknown

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*kc said...

Awe. He was a wonderful man and he is sadly missed.