KT's Shower!

Sunday was one of my bff's (Katie's) shower! Her future mommy-in-law hosted the shower, and did a lovely job!! Here is Katie, Mike's mom, and Mike!
KT and her girls (my other BFF's . . . aka SKANK). Mase, Nikkie, Moi, KT, Katie's Sister (Amy/Sissy), and Kristen! So excited for the wedding! KT and Mike have been together forever and are one of the cutest, most genuine couples I know!
I tried to get the SKANKS on the tramp, but only Mase wanted to jump with me. But how perfect was this?! Thanks to an awesome shot by her sissy, Rachel.

Super excited for the wedding! It's going to be unique and gorgeous and I can't wait to spend more time with my awesome friends!

- All photos courtesy of Mase's cam . . . (I believe the first one was taken by Mase herself, w/the following 2 by her sissy, Rach)

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Kt said...

Aweee thanks so much for helping out and making cuppies!!!! I just love my bridesmaids!

(I wanted to jump real bad...I gatta remember to put shorts on when i wear dresses..I just don't wear them enough to remember hahah)