Short Sale - Light @ End of the Well?

photo credit here

Well, we received an approval letter from our first lender yesterday on the short sale of our house! We started this process back in February, and the first lender JUST approved it, 4 months later. I just love this picture I found, because I feel like it explains our situation perfectly. We were at the bottom of the well 4 months ago, and now we are finally seeing some light! Now we must get our 2nd lender to approve , as well as make sure all the closing items go smoothly (before August 1st), and then hopefully we will be house free. Although, because of the situation we were in, our credit is crap now. We went from having the highest credit scores you can have at our age, to having credit scores that will block us from getting another house for quite some time. It is very unfortunate how this society works and how the economy and housing market took such a fall, but we are pushing through and trying to climb out of the well, leaving all of this frustration behind us. Keep praying that everything works out, because we need it!

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