Altar Boys!

Went to see "Altar Boys" Friday night with my hubs, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy-in-Law, and Step-Diddy-in-Law!

It was at the Erie Playhouse, and this is their synopsis of the show:

In this feel-good musical, a squeaky-clean group of boys from Ohio, who met in church, are guided by the voice of God to share the Gospel through pop music. The show joins them on the last leg of their tour, poking innocent, good-natured fun at boy bands and contemporary Christian music. Join Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham for this "holy hit!"

At first I wasn't too sure, but as it went on, it sucked me right in! All the boys were such great singers and stuck to their characters so well!! Even in the way they danced and walked and moved around! It definitely made me remember the days my mom and dad and I used to go to the theater all the time!! I hope we make this more of a regular thing, because it was great! :-)


*kc said...

Fun! I never make it to the Playhouse. It's good you all went out and supported local arts.

amy grace said...

um, did you write "diddy" in law??

*Stace* said...