I Still Got It! . . . Kinda.

Shane and I try to spice up our workouts so we don't get bored doing the same thing every day. We go to the Y, go for a run, go for a bike ride, play some tennis, pepper the volleyball, but today we decided to go to a local highschool and run around. The high jump mat was still out, so we really had no choice but to see if I could still jump after 3 years out of college competition. . . .

Not too shabby . . . I was definitely a lot more out of shape . . I did 3 or 4 jumps and felt my legs tiring already, but I made 4'10" easily . . . (probably a 5'4" jump at least), so I went up to 5'2" and kept nicking it with my bum (not getting enough speed to go over the bar), and went down to 5'0", where I made it!! (that's what this video is showing)!! But I was happy with that! 3 years since high jumping, no practice, very minimal running/lifting, and not getting my steps . . I'll take it!

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amy grace said...

you can jump over me, pretty much.