Bon Voyage . . . for 3 Years!

Oh man . . . this post is both sad and exciting. Shane's brother, Dan, and his wife, Marissa, are heading off to Germany tomorrow . . . . for 3 years!!! They are going for work, and I know we are all very excited for them, but we are also very sad knowing that they are going to be so far away. But I mean, this is an awesome opportunity for them, and they are going to grow closer together and have so many unforgettable experiences and awesome memories.
Us all together one last time before the journey to Germany @ Marissa's parents Memorial Day picnic (Shane, me, Rita, Bry, Sommer, Don, Bryce, Dan, & Marissa)
Dan and Marissa, you are such a great brother and sister to us, and we are so proud of you and excited for you! You are so lucky to have this amazing opportunity, and we wish you nothing but the best. Don't worry, you can't get rid of us this easy . . . we'll be sure to come visit a couple times! You'll be our tour guides, so you better start planning! ;-) We will miss you so much, and so will our kitties (and Behren too)! You better start a blog so you can blog about everywhere you go, and to help keep in touch! Have a safe "trip", and don't have too much fun without us! We love you so much!

P.S. - Bryce says no cousins until you get back ;-)
P.P.S. - She said kitties are okay though.

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amy grace said...

haha, did you and marissa mean to match outfits??


my boss's daughter went to germany for three years w/ her hubs for the air force, and they are coming home THIS SUMMER! i can't believe the 3 years is over already!! (oh, they also had a baby! haha)