My Bridesmaid Outfit for KT's Wedding!

After I thought I would have to go naked to KT's wedding (eek!), because I could not find anything . . . I finally found my dress that I am wearing! KT is having a very eco-friendly wedding and wanted us to get something that we would wear again!

Let me tell you . . . . I SUCK at shopping for clothes. You can ask any of my friends or mothers or sister-in-laws. I just hate it. I always go really excited, and then NEVER find anything I like, or nothing fits me right, or everything is too expensive, and then I leave feeling very frustrated and depressed because then I feel like I have just wasted the day away.

But with some help from my friends (especially Mase), they steered me towards White House Black Market (mainly b/c a lot of them got their dresses from there). So on our way back from the Kenny Chesney concert (which I still have to blog about . . . oops!), we stopped at Grove City and I tried on the dress above and loved it! Thank goodness! It was actually exactly what I was looking for, and it was on sale too! I guess once in a while I get lucky! And I was getting so frustrated about this dress for the wedding because I went to the Millcreek Mall twice (went through the ENTIRE mall . . EVERY store that sold dresses), and could not find ANYTHING that worked! Maybe I am just too picky . . . but alas, I have found the one!
Then of course comes the shoes . . . ugh! Another thing I suck at . . . shopping for shoes. And I guess it's just one of those things that isn't really important to me. . . I would rather be doing something else than spending time looking for shoes that are too expensive, don't fit, or that I don't need. But Mase, once again, came to my rescue! Well . . she originally bought the shoes above (but in black) for her, and thought that an 8 1/2 would fit her, but lucky me . . . her feet are too small and mine are bigger, so I tried them and loved them and bought them off of her!! So now I am set! Thanks Mase! :-)

p.s. - It's 89 degrees in our office (seriously . . the one guy just looked at his thermostat) . . . we have no A/C this week or next b/c of maintenance! And wouldn't you know it would be the hottest week of the year! Fun!

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Sommer said...

looks good stac! we didn't have air yesterday either!! blah!