Germany : Day 9 : Day of Relaxation @ Penthouse (Germany Rocks!)

So these pictures were actually from Friday after Heidelberg . . . . (read below to hear about Saturday)

Remember when I said we made shirts for our trip to embarrass Dan & Marissa when they picked us up at the airport? Well . .we had to get some group shots of us all in our shirts!

The setup was kinda funny. Glad Rita (mother-in-law) got a shot of it (I didn't have my tripod so had to be creative).

Here we were pretending to like each other.

Us again. We are sooooooooooooooooooooo cool for all having the same shirts. I know.


Bry, Sommer, & Bryce (Dolly too)

Bryce & Marissa!! Bryce warmed up to Dan & Marissa pretty fast for not seeing them all the time!

Bryce, Me, & Shaney!

Sommer and Bryce playing with Bryce's new toys from Uncle Dan & Aunt Marissa!

Rita captured one of Bryce and I's nightly rituals. First, we had to clean out the computer room and put the air mattress down and make the bed and pretend to sleep, then we took the computer chair and Bryce sat in it while I raced her around the apartment. Then Sommer (Bryce's mom) got mad at me for getting Bryce all riled up before bedtime, but hey. . . that's what aunts are for, right?!

Saturday - Dan, Marissa, Don, and Rita all went to the "May Fest". From what I know it is a wine tour.

Bry, Sommer, Bryce, Shane, and I stayed back at the Penthouse (what we called Dan & Marissa's apartment because it was huge and beautiful and at the top of the city). Sommer, Bry, and Shane watched Dexter, Bryce napped, and I finished my New Moon (from the Twilight Saga) book. It was actually very nice to just relax.

Only one more day of Germany and then we were headed back home!

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Shane said...

staci napped too, don't let her fool you