Germany : Day 3 : Dachau & Munich

This is some random persons car that I was riding in on the Autobahn . . . .
We were going this fast, but there were STILL people passing us like we were standing still! It was CRAAAZZZY! people are good over there with passing though! As soon as they pass, they get right back over in the right lane!! Why oh why can't it be like that here?!

Stopped at Dachau on our way to Munich. This says "work makes free".

Definitely gave you this hollow feeling when you were there. Just so crazy, and so surreal that it actually existed. That all of those terrible things really happened.

This was where I was freaked out the most. It's the shower (gas chamber) where they told people they could get clean, but then killed them to death with poisonous gas.

Where they burned the bodies. Makes me sick.

After this, we about all had as much as we could take and headed off on our (now only 30 minute) ride to Munich!

Let me tell you . . . the room keys are VERY weird in Munich. It took us a good 2-5 minutes just to get in our hotel room.

But it was worth it!!! So modern and so wonderful! I did pop (ruin) my straightener there . . . that was a bummer. Stupid 220 volt!

Absolutely LOVED the windows there. They swung completely open or you could leave a crack open at the top. In Germany, they believe in beautiful views and don't think they should be ruined with screens or bars. They are very trustworthy that you won't jump out!

We were right next to the subway. It was perfect.

We headed to the English Garden. They have this spot where surfers go, so we had to check it out!

Ran into a cute goose!

Apparently, in the English Garden, they don't care if you wear your clothes or not . . . can you find the nudie guy!? Be lucky I didn't take a picture of the next couple we saw after this. Full frontal . . and it wasn't pretty folks.

We really need to have one of these in Erie. I can't even explain how fun and peaceful and awesome it was there.

The boys at one of the beer gardens in the English garden.

Can you tell German's love their beer?!

We had to try to fit in!

Next stop : Downtown Munich!!! Right in the city center!

And right when we walked out of the subway, we walked right into what was going to become a political rally!! EEeek! They told us to bounce! So we did.

Right to the Hofbrauhaus!! The most famous beer house in the world! Decided to eat there for dinner. Unfortunately, we were there on a Sunday night, so it wasn't too hoppin!

We had fun though!! And then called it a night!! Until tomorrow . . . .


Alison said...

ohhh what memories!! I've been to ALLLLL those places you showed in your post!! Dachau is a very somber place, and the big beautiful town hall building in downtown Munich has a yummy restaurant in its basement (as do a lot of the Town Halls across Germany, they are called Rathaus). I hope you also visited the Black Forest and drove the Romantic Road!

amy grace said...

looks like my honda...but i have about 50,000 more miles on it...

also, awesome hotel rooms!