Germany : Day 2 : Arrival in Wiesbaden

Yay! We landed! In the customs line!! (The guy behind us with head phones on . . . who I had no idea actually smiled and got in this pic . . . . came up to me when we were in Newark and said "Germany?!" (he saw my shirt) and I said "Yeah! Do you live there?!" and he said "yes!" and anyways . . we talked and I told him why we were going to Germany and he told me about how he was in Oregon for a helicopter class! he is a licensed helicopter pilot!! How cool is that?!!? I asked if he could fly us around, and he said anytime!

We really wanted to greet Dan & Marissa in a big way, so we all thought it was a great idea to make t-shirts for the trip!

Was hoping Dan and Marissa would already be there so we could see their expressions when we rolled out in our awesome shirts, but they pulled up a couple minutes after we got there, so i couldn't really see their faces, but Dan said he was going to keep driving past us!

When we first got there, we got the tour of Dan & Marissa's apartment, and then headed down to the city center of Wiesbaden. They had so many of these "hot springs" things!

Here is one called Backerbrunnen (Baker's Fountain). Oldest townhouse dating back to 1728. The hot water that comes out of it is said to be very healthy to drink. It was too hot and icky for us. But I really love this because when Shane and I bought our house, Dan & Marissa gave us a small replica of the Backerbrunnen for our house warming present, and I just love it!! And it was so cool to see it in person!!

City center! I loved how everyone walked everywhere. The main city there were hardly any cars. It was so nice.

Bryce discovered another thing she loves . . . water fountains!! If she was ever starting to get cranky or fussy (which was hardly ever this entire trip), we would distract her by saying "oh!! let's go look at the water fountain!!!" . . . and there always seemed to be one around!!

Now, I forgot to tell you that when we first got to Germany, it was 3AM Erie time. And if you've ever been on a plane, I'm sure you know how comfortable the seats are and how easy it is to sleep. But saying that, I was very surprised at my lack of tiredness. Maybe I was just too excited to see everything! So while everyone else took a quick nap, Dan showed me all of this stuff that was pretty much in their backyard (5 min walk from their apartment). This is the Roman Orthodox Church. Soooo pretty!

Fun gazebo at the top where you could see the entire city!

View from up there!

An AWESOME ropes course!! (We actually did this on our trip later on. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done!!)

Went to dinner at an Italian restaurant our first night (don't worry, we got in a lot of German restaurants later).

I loved how almost every restaurant had outdoor seating and that everyone sat there too!

Shaney and I excited, because umm . . hello!! We were in Germany!!!

Brycee found some pretty flowers to smell on our hike back up the hill (this hill was a HUGE workout!)!

But we made it back!! Absolutely loooveee their door! So unique and fun!

That's the end of Day 2!! We hung out on the balcony and watched the sun set over the city!! We had some crazy days ahead of us! Next stop : Munich!!

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amy grace said...

awesome! bryce is such a cutie.
i want to see pics of their apartment!