Germany : Day 5 - Part 1 : Linderhof Palace

On Day 5 of our trip, we headed out to see some castles! First stop was Linderhof Palace.
Linderhof is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and the only one of which he lived to see completion (thanks to Wikipedia for all the knowledge that I forgot when we went on our tour)!

This was the view out of the front of the Palace with the Alps in the background. Not too shabby.
One thing I do remember, is the dining room. It had a pulley system so that it could go beneath the floor to the kitchen below (where the staff members would set the table), and then it would come back up to the King's level. This was so he didn't have to interact or see any of them.

Wikipedia also informed me of this fun fact:
. . . the staff had to lay the table for at least four persons because it is said that the king used to talk to imaginary people like Louis XV, Mme de Pompadour or Marie Antoinette while he was eating. For Ludwig II enjoyed the company of those people and admired them.

We did hear that he was a nut!

You really weren't supposed to take pictures of the inside of the palace (so pretend that I didn't show you this. . ok?!) This was part of the King's bedroom. It was insane, and I won't lie . . I was afraid to stand under that chandelier! 108 candles on that baby! It was all held up by this little chain!

This is a view of the Palace from up above. It was quite the hike up this hill!

Here is probably my favorite part of the tour. The Venus Grotto. It was entirely artificial (man-made) in the 1800's! Ummm . . . I seriously want to know how they did this way back in the day without the awesome tools we have now. He loved the Opera and wanted this grotto to illustrate that. Although, on the tour, they said he never got to see an actual Opera be performed there before he died. But really . . . how cool would it be to have one of these in your back yard?!

Bryce & Dolly & Grammy with the Alps in the background.

Bry, Sommer, & Bryce just chillin.

Me & Shaney with the Alps!

And Dan & Marissa too! (p.s. - i LOVE this picture of them)

The gang!! They told us instead of saying cheese, to say "schnitzel!!" (which is veal or pork with bread crumbs . . blech!) Although schnitzel might be more fun to say, cheese is definitely more yummy!

After an awesome tour of Linderhof, we were excited to head to another one of King Ludwig's castles . . . . Neuschwanstein!

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