Germany : Day 1 : Here We Come!

Hey! Remember when I said I would post some more Germany pics 4 weeks ago?! Yeah. . . oops!! Time flies when you are having fun!

Anywho . . . .I ended up taking 1,146 pictures in Germany!! Crazy!! Gotta love those digital cameras though!

So here we go . . .

If you remember from this post, our trip to Germany was canceled due to the volcanic ash. We really had no idea when we would be able to go, but we re-booked our flights for the week after and prayed and prayed. That was the only other week we could go for the rest of the year (due to schedule conflicts and a little baby coming soon!) Well, that praying sure paid off, because the ash died down and we were on our way!!

Here we are at the Pittsburgh airport . . . notice Sommer's not so happy face . . . oh what's that!? We have to pay for Bryce?! Children under 2 years of age are allowed to ride free (by sitting on parents lap) for DOMESTIC flights only . . . we didn't know that. For international flights, you have to pay 10% of the price of the ticket even though they are still sitting on a lap and don't have any extra luggage . . . . and since we didn't find out until that day, and the prices of tickets that day were $2,500 to go to germany, they had to pay $250 for her ticket instead of $60!! Ridiculous!

Bryce discovered something new . . the people mover! And loooved it! When we weren't on the plane, we were at the people mover going back and forth in the airport. It was so cute! And so exhausting.

On our way to Newark!! This flight was terrible! We had to go down below the clouds because of "air traffic control" and it was super bumpy the whole ride! Now, I do love rollar coaster rides, but not for 2 hours straight. We were all very sick, and my sister-in-law (don't tell her I told you) even puked. It was quite the ride. But hey, we got there safe, right?!

We had a 4 or 5 hour layover in Newark until we left for Frankfurt (which actually went by very fast). We ate some food, and saw Andre Agassi (tennis player who sat right behind us), I worked a little, and of course we went on the people mover again . . .

and again . . .

Grammy fed Bryce her bubba!

Our plane finally arrived! (You can see NYC in the distance!)

The plane (although not nearly as comfy as I was hoping and not nearly as much foot room as I was expecting), had awesome monitors in the head rests in front of our seats.

It had so much cool information about the flight.

Including maps and your location at that certain point in time.

And it also had movies, tv shows, music, and games!! Very fun!

After playing with those for a while and getting our food (which was surprisingly very yummy!), we all tried to get a bit of shut eye on our overnight 9hr-ish plane flight to Frankfurt.

We would see Dan & Marissa & Germany in the morning!

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