We're Back!

Well, we did end up going to Germany (YAY!), and we did end up getting back safe too (praise the Lord!)!

Here are some sneak peaks for you. These are all pictures from my mother-in-law! I still haven't gone through all 1,000+ of mine yet . . .

These are not my beers, although while in Germany, I did find that I kinda liked Dark Radlers (half beer/half lemonade or sprite)!

Shaney and I at Linderhof Palace with the Alps in the background! It was sooooooo beautiful there!

I will try to get my pics on here sometime this week! We just finished unpacking yesterday night and we have a pile of laundry that would reach the top of the Alps!


*kc said...

WELCOME BACK! I can't wait to see all the pics and hear all the stories. (I would invite you over to my house to tell me over beers, but I don't have any furniture.)

Alison said...

aww, glad you got to go!! and made it there and back safely! I think there was a higher power working to make sure you got there and back, because flights are now being delayed and cancelled again!

*Stace* said...

wow! that's crazy! i believe it! and that was the only other weekend we could go, or we wouldn't have been able to go this year!!!