Bigfoot in Spotsylvania, VA?!

According to this article from Fredericksburg.com (we used to live in Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania when we were in Virginia for two years), many have claimed they saw Bigfoot in the Lake Anna region.

When Shane "heard about it on Elliott in the Morning" and sent the article to me, I really thought it was a prank he was pulling on me.

And I mean . . . really?! Does Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti, exist?! I won't lie . . it does kinda freak me out when I read these stories. And maybe I'm just as crazy as the people who said they saw it, but you just never know! I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe I just think it would make life that much more exciting if something like this really did exist.

My favorite part from the article:

But not finding any evidence has little effect on their hope that someday one of them might get the evidence needed to prove Bigfoot does exist.

"There's no certification for this except a mental institution and an empty checkbook," Willard joked.

Good luck to all you guys from Spotsy! Watch out for Bigfoot! :-P

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