Germany : Day 8 : Heidelberg

In Heidelberg on our way up to the castle! It was so steep they had to make the bench like this!

It was quite the trek! Sommer, Bry, & Bryce wandered around in town and we met up with them later.

The castle! We had to pay to get in. EVERYTHING cost money over in Europe. You even had to pay to go to the bathroom! Everywhere! Even in convenience stores!

Dan & Marissa took off work on Friday to spend the day with us! It was so great getting to spend time with them!

Don checking it all out!

He always makes me giggle. Here he is trying to listen in on the tour (that we didn't pay for).

Supposedly the largest wine cooler in the world!

Heidelberg! Beautiful city!

Europeans bike everywhere. I wish it were more biker friendly here in the US, because that would be fun! And a great workout!

Soooo . . . . when the boys (and Sommer & Rita) went on the Germany trip in high school, their teacher and tour guide said that if you spit off this bridge, legend has it that you will return back. And they did! So, we all spit (spat? spitted?) again! I tried to look this up online though, and nothing. . . so I think the teacher just wanted to make fun of everyone (although they did return)!

That night we headed back to Wiesbaden to Paulaneer to have dinner with two of Dan & Marissa's good friends. They were awesome.

At this point, I couldn't believe we were almost ready to head back home.

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Alison said...

I love heidelberg!! and the spitting off the bridge, when I went with my German class was told the same thing by our teacher. hmmmmm. it's a conspiracy.