Germany : Day 4 - Part 2 : Edelweiss

Welcome to Edelweiss

Our awesome resort in Garmisch! Really wish we had more vacation days to stay here because it was absolutely beautiful!

Dan & Marissa and Shane & I's room! We had a loft that we shared with Don & Rita, and Bry & Sommer & Bryce had their own room.

Our bathroom. Loved it!! Even had a heated towel rack! (There was a "master" bathroom upstairs that looked pretty much the same but had double sinks and was a lot bigger).

Some views of the Alps from our living room!

View from Don & Rita's room!

We all went to dinner at their buffet style restaurant! They also had a sports bar like restaurant downstairs! We got margaritas from there and brought them up!

Then Bryce found "Nemo"! A free merry-go-round. This was definitely her favorite part of the resort!

The awesome pool!!!

I lied. This might've been Bryce's favorite part!

And this might have been mine. Hot tub looking out to the Alps.

After all that, we decided to call it a night (after some exploring of the hotel, uno, snacks, and howling at the moon).


Rita said...

i want to go back to edelweiss. it was so beautiful there and i want to see the town. when are we going??

*Stace* said...

whenever shane and staci get more vacation days!

Anonymous said...

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