Germany : Day 5 - Part 2 : Neuschwanstein

On our way to Neuschwanstein from Linderhof, we actually crossed into Austria and then went back in Germany. It's crazy to me that they don't have the "border and customs patrol" there like they do in the US. I wouldn't even have noticed we were in Austria, if my sister-in-law and father-in-law didn't point it out! It was pretty nice though.

This picture is actually taken up near the Neuschwanstein castle. I just wanted to show you that our cars were parked all the way on the left side of that yellow castle. We walked up the gigantic hill to get to the castle (it really made it seem like it was almost this impossible feat and would take forever. . . but we were up without a sweat in twenty minutes max)!

Shane, Don (step-father-in-law), and I all got tickets to go on a tour of the inside of the castle. Shane already went on the tour a while back (and everybody else in our group), but Shaney was nice and went through it again with me and Don.

We had a little time to walk around before our tour, so we headed over to the bridge to get the best (and most classic) view of the castle.

There she is! This palace was supposed to be a retreat for King Ludwig II, and was opened immediately after his death in 1886 to the public (for a special price).

Neuschwanstein was pretty awesome, but even more awesome because it is where Dan proposed to Marissa (3 years ago)! Also cool because the Disney Castle was replicated after Neuschwanstein, and the Disney Castle is where Shane proposed to me!

Once again . . not supposed to be taking pictures . . . but someone else started it this time! So if they were taking pictures, I wanted to! I don't even know what this room was for, but it was crazy!

Here is Uncle Chester . . . just kidding. I have absolutely NO idea who this guy is, but it looks like he's totally posing for my picture, and I love it!

This is a view from inside the castle looking out to the bridge we were standing on before. Crazy high! It was actually very scary to be on the bridge and I didn't feel like the planks were as sturdy and as close together as they should be. Such a rush!

Cream cheese balls!!! Can you say YUM!? Cream cheese and fried dough . . can it get any better?!

Hohenschwangau Castle! (right next to Neuschwanstein). This was built by King Ludwig's father, and was where King Ludwig II grew up.

Bryce, Don, and Sommer all took the horse drawn carriage ride up to Neuschwanstein and back. Here they are saying bye, bye to the horsies!

From the fairy-tale-like Neuschwanstein, we journeyed back to Wiesbaden!

Our next day we were going to explore Wiesbaden and the ropes course!

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