Germany : Day 6 - Part 1 : Downtown Wiesbaden

Are you sick of the "Part 1, Part 2" yet?! There is just so much that we saw and did and I don't want to make the posts too long! So bare with me!!

In the morning, we headed to downtown Wiesbaden for their Wednesday market. Here is Shaney and Bryce walking around the market.

Here is the Marktkirche (Market Church). This is the highest building in the city.

Here are Sommer and Bryce shopping for some goodies!

Jackpot!! Their strawberries were probably the BEST I have EVER had!! They were perfectly ripe and soooooooo juicy!! A little expensive, but so worth it!

After the market, we decided to head to a local park and relax for a while.

Here is Bryce trying to fit in with the duckies!!

Dan and Marissa had to work this day, but this turtle remind us of them (Dan loooves turtles)!

And the crazy, never-seen-before trees that lined the main street!

The World's Biggest Cuckoo Clock (or so they claimed). Wiesbaden is not a very touristy town, and only had a few tourist shops, but this was my favorite! They were super nice and gave us all kinds of great tips and information.

The shops downtown were so cute! I loved this one! Especially the colored candle wax in the tree trunks! So fun!

After hanging downtown in the morning, we decided to head back to Dan & Marissa's to relax for a bit and then head off to the ropes course!


Marissa Rock said...

Strawberries have dropped to 1.80 Euro and are even tastier than they were in April (if you can believe that!) :). We stop at a little stand on our way home from work to pick them up!! Yum!

*Stace* said...

oh man!! that's awesome!!! we picked the wrong time to visit! ;-)