Germany : Day 10 : Limburg

Today marked the last day in Germany before our flight home the next day. We were all getting pretty touristed out (although I'd like to blame this on the weather because besides the one day in Munich, it didn't rain at all. . . . but by the weekend the weather got cold and it got rainy), but we decided on heading to Limburg, Germany. This was a very cute Medieval town! Lots of half-timbered houses.

Thought these were so fun! Bakeries are very big over there (bread, streusel, scones, pastries).

Here is the Limburg Cathedral (Dom St George) which was originally built in the early 13th century. But more importantly, can you see what that dog is glaring at?!

Kitty!!! It was sticking it's tongue out at me! It was very friendly and let us all pet it.

And as we walked around the cathedral grounds, it followed us all around! It was so fun!

Then we ran into this other beauty! Boy do I love kitties (and all animals).

Then we headed to a local restaurant for some icecream! Here is Shane and I's spaghetti icecream! Yum!

So I was laughing and pointing in this picture because as Rita was taking the picture, the stroller was rolling down the hill!

Umm . . oh. my. gosh. We found another creperie! Not expecting this at all (Dan & Marissa said they are only at festivals). We were soooooooooo excited!

Annnnd even more excited that they had banana and nutella crepes!! One of the yummiest things ever.

So we were all standing around eating our crepes and I look over at Bry and just busted out laughing. I mean. . . no one else finds this funny?! Ah. . the things you do when you have kids.

After Limburg, we headed back to Wiesbaden and decided to check out a local park. We saw some ducks, some fishies, a casino, and a big pond with a water fountain, and then it started raining, so we ran back to the car.

For our last night there we went to dinner at the Beer Garden behind Dan & Marissa's apartment. We would've eaten outside (in fact, I think we started out there), but it was pouring and cold.

After dinner we went back to celebrate our last night with some strawberries and chocolate!

Only one day left of our Germany trip. . . . the loooooooong journey home.

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