Relay 4 Life 2010

Friday, Shane and I walked in the Relay For Life at Fairview Highschool. We raised $280 for the American Cancer Society (thank you to all those who donated!!)!

Personally, I have had several family members that have struggled with cancer.

Great Grandma - breast cancer
Great Grandpa - lung cancer
Grandma Jean - throat cancer
Uncle Kevin - throat cancer
Uncle Don - melanoma
Uncle Chuck - leukemia
Aunt Sharon - breast cancer
Aunt Patty - breast cancer
Aunt Debbie - cervical/melanoma
Aunt Cindy - cervical

Here is what I sent them while I was at the Relay (along with the picture up top):
At the relay for life walking for you. Cancer is a terrible disease and I'm trying to help fight it and find a cure. Raised $280. Stay strong and keep fighting. I will too. Love you!

One day there will be a cure, but until then we will all continue to fight back!

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