Mase's Bridal Shower!

One of my BFF's, Mase (Amy, the A, dorkster, Mamy, Jamy, Ace'n Mason, gooshzilla, bridezilla, Sneezy, not my friend, SKANK, Amers) is getting married in a little over a month! Her sister and mother (with help from aunts, friends, and her bridesmaids) put on an amazing bridal shower. The details were awesome and it was so beautiful.

We all put together some baskets for people to win. KT put the titles on the bag, and I specifically enjoyed this one the best.

The theme was English Garden Tea Party (Mase was born in England).

The food was delish! Scones, trifles, croissants, sandwiches, and fruit!

Here is the soon-to-be-bride, KT, KC, and Captain Bill (her daddy-o). He got her a prezzie that consisted of some books and a "Paws Off" pajama set.

The KANK to our SKANKS! Oh how I love these girls.

I mean really though. See what I mean about the details?!

And how cute are these pom poms?!! Home made by Mase and her family!

I was in charge of the ribbon bouquet.

Masers (yes I just created a new nickname because she doesn't have enough), I'm so excited for you and Joshers. I can't wait for the wedding! You will be such a beautiful bride!

p.s. - I am not going out or staying up late though. Just kidding. But seriously. . . . only if we all dance.

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amy grace said...

yay! love you!