Chautauqua Lake - 4th of July!

We spent part of our 4th of July weekend in Chautauqua! Shane's mom and step-dad have an awesome lake house there. We drove up Friday night after work, and headed to Watermark for dinner on the lake. Then we took the boat back to the cottage.

Here is Bryce all bundled up. It was cold on the boat at night!

These were so fun! Jamaica Me Happy was my favorite.

Saturday we got up to go to the big parade they have. Here is Bryce & Aly waiting for more candy to be thrown.

When we were in Disney, they had these awesome bubble blowers that I wanted to get, but they were like $15 bucks and I didn't know how I'd get them on the plane with all the liquid laws.
But then when I was at Walgreens to get some cards, I found a bubble blower for $3! It was quite the hit!

Bryce decked out in her red, white, and blue for the parade!

After OD'ing on candy and getting way too much (and sweating profusely in the 90 degree sunny weather), we decided to head back to the cottage so we could get ready to go out on the lake.

We drove around for a bit on the big boat, then had a relaxing cruise in these boats.

Then we went for a little swim (it was still FREEZING in the water)! So we didn't stay in very long. It was a great weekend and we had so much fun! Next year we will have to stay for the fireworks on the lake!

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