July 4th - Backyard Fireworks!

So when we moved into our neighborhood, our neighbor came over and introduced her and her husband as the "crazy neighbors that have the huge fireworks display". She wanted to let us know that if we wanted to have a July 4th party, they would be having fireworks. Now . . . with Shane's fam being from the area, we were aware of the fireworks. They are a pretty big deal, but having front row seats to it all was something we were KINDA excited about. Wish we could have planned a bigger party, but maybe next year!

They put up "NO PARKING" signs along the entire side of the road.

This was two hours before the fireworks actually went off. The entire road is lined with cars by show time!

We had a few people over (my parents, Behren, KC, her parents, and Sommer, Bry, & Bryce), so Shane made a kickin bonfire and we had some smores. I also had some fruit, philly chili cheese dip, crackers, and brownies out too.

Decided to bust out some sparklers before the big fireworks.

We had a lot of fun with them.

Maybe a little too much fun . . .

Here are some pics of the fireworks!

The fireworks lasted for 30 minutes! And there were some pretty big ones!

It was so nice to be able to see some fireworks this year since most of Erie cancelled theirs . . . and to be able to watch them from our backyard was even better.

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*kc said...

YAY! It was an awesome fireworks display... 29 minutes long!

Please have a party next year too. Otherwise, I'm just going to come over uninvited ;-)