Tyler's 3rd Birthday!

June 13th marked my cousin Tyler's 3rd birthday (and also the 3rd year since my grandfather's death . . . but we won't get into that because then I will cry). Also, let's ignore the fact that this is almost a month later . . . .

Here is my grandma and me. I sure do love her.

Singing to Tyler! He got embarrassed from all the attention!

Awesome cake (from Sam's club I think)!

Yummy cake time! Notice how his face isn't entirely covered with blue icing yet.

Austin (Tyler's big brother) excited about one of Tyler's toys.

They all kept helping Tyler open his presents and their mom said "ok. just remember that Tyler is going to help you open yours at your birthday." (Notice the blue on the face now). It was all over.

So great to spend time with all of them. They are so cute! And growing up so fast!

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