Germany : Day 11 : Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Dan & Marissa dropped us off at the Frankfurt airport Monday morning, and after being delayed a bit, we finally boarded the plane to Newark.

Sad to have to go back to work soon . . . but we were excited to wear our new Germany jackets.

So fun story. . . our flight got in late to Newark and we had like 45 minutes to go back through customs, re-check our bags, go through security, and make it to the gate . . . . so we are all literally RUNNING to get there . . . . as the people at the airline say "you need to hurry!" . . . . so we FINALLY get to our gate and guess what?!!? The flippin flight was delayed!!!! Ugh!! Why didn't they tell us that when we were running through the entire airport?!?! (This was the customer service line for continental b/c apparently a lot of other people were having issues too).

So at first it was only delayed another hour, then another hour, then another hour, then they kept switching gates on us.

See how happy we were?!

Then we switched gates again, without them even having a departure time (I think this was the Continental customer service line . . . grew a LITTLE).

What?! The gate they told us to go to says Ithaca on it!

But alas, we finally boarded our plane to Pittsburgh (4 hours after we were supposed to leave). We were kinda excited to get back by 8pm Monday so we would have some time to relax before going to work the next day, but we didn't get back until after midnight.

At least we got home safe, right?! (That's what I'm supposed to say when the flights were delayed and crappy.)

But really, I do want to say how blessed we truly were with this trip. If you remember this and this and this, our flight was delayed because of a volcano erupting ash. We could only reschedule for the next week (out of the rest of the year), and wouldn't you know, the ash stopped! So then when we got back. That day when we landed in Newark, there were reports of more ash spewing, and flights started getting canceled again. We just made it. God was definitely watching out for us and wanted us to get over there to see Dan & Marissa!

It really was a great trip overall. It was so nice of Dan & Marissa to let us crash at their place for 11 days! And it was so awesome to experience so much with the entire family. Can't wait until our next trip! (Australia? Hawaii?)

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Rita said...

ahhh, i think God did open up the way for us to get over there too, and i feel so blessed to have all my wonderful family together.