Mommy's 50th Birthday!

Tuesday was my mother's 50th birthday (shh! don't tell her I told you how old she is . . . not that the decorating doesn't give it away)!

That day, I spent my entire lunch hour decorating their house. Jumping up and down like a little Mexican bean trying to get all those spirals hung from the ceiling. But it was a good work out, and well worth it for my mommy.

I asked my mommy what she wanted to do for her 50th . . . NYC, Toronto, surprise party, skydiving, spa day . . . but she just said she wanted a quiet night with my dad, shane, and I. . . so that's what she got.

Some yummy pizza from Hungry Howie's (garlic & herb crust is the BEST)!

And a delish and cute cake from Giant Eagle!

I got her a fun shirt and this framed piece from pictures of the quad that we did together. The 100 yard swim, the 12 mile bike, the 5 mile run, and the 2.5 mile snowshoe.

Thank you sooooooo much to my awesome hubby for his engraving skills (it has our times engraved in the frame along with "Mommy & Me Quad . . 2010 - 2011). And to one of my BFF's, KT, for her graphic design skills in laying out the pics for me.

(Behren wanted in a pic.)

My mom kept saying she didn't even feel old until she realized I was going to be turning 27 in a few weeks. (Does that make me old too?!)

I personally think that for 50, she looks awesome . . . and I told her she acts like she's 30, so she's good.

We had a wonderful night and it was so good to spend time with my mommy. No matter how old I get, there's nothing like snuggling in my mommy's arms.

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*kc said...

Happy Birthday, Karin!