The Car Accident . . .

RIP Green Hornet, aka The Cheetah, aka the 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva, aka Shane's Baby

Friday, January 21st, Shane called me a little after 5pm . . .

Shane - "I was in an accident . . . I'm ok, but . . I was in an accident."
Me - "Oh my gosh. Are you ok?! What happened?!" (my heart stopped beating and then started pumping a million miles a minute, my stomach also jumped into my throat)
Shane - "I'm ok. I was in an accident."
Me - "Where are you? Can I come meet you?"
Shane - "Yeah. Sure. Come to the country fair up by 90."
Me - "Ok. I will be right there."

As I pulled up to the scene, I knew his car was totaled, and the first thing I did was look for him. To make sure he really was ok. And there he was on the side of the road laughing with a couple people. Whew. Well if he's laughing, he must be ok, right?! He was. And it was so good to see that with my own eyes. But I still just wanted to hold him in my arms really tight.

Long story short, a girl pulled out in front of Shane and he couldn't stop in time. This was one of the days where it was almost negative out because of the wind chill, and Shane had to stay out in the cold from 5:15 - 7ish. When he finally came over to me after the cops came and took the report, he was like ice. I just hated how I had to sit there, and there wasn't anything I could do.

After the crash, the windshield cracked, the airbags deployed (which he didn't even really notice), and after putting the car in park and turning the ignition off, the car was still running. It ran for a good 10 minutes after he turned it off (it wasn't giving up without a fight), but eventually the cheetah stopped . . . for good.

The other insurance company didn't get Shane a rental car until the 26th, and he has to return it February 1st . . . . . we are still looking for a vehicle, but are unsure of what we should get since Shane and I mostly carpool to work and back. I think we are leaning towards another SUV . . or maybe a minivan. Any suggestions for those types of vehicles?

We really didn't get that much from insurance for his car (it was a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva after all), but Shane left that accident without a scratch on him, and for that we thank God. He really was with Shane on that day, and we are so grateful for that.


*kc said...

Geesh! It's amazing he wasn't hurt. Was he not even sore?

*Stace* said...

He claims he wasn't! So lucky.

rachel said...

I can't believe this - that looks so bad!! I'm so glad he is ok.

We just got a Hyndai Santa Fe and Brian really likes it. It is a more affordable version of say a Honday CRV. I love that it has heated seats an da sun roof! We went for a used one, it is a 2006.

*Stace* said...

I know. I can't believe he was ok. So glad.

We do like the santa fe's! I just can't believe how expensive EVERYTHING is though. It's crazy. We bought our 2004 highlander in 2008 for <$15K . . . 3 years later if we wanted to get a car that was 4 years old we'd have to pay like $20-$25K!

da coach said...

sorry to hear about the car accident,they say life can change in an instant

Garry Brei said...

Wow, it's a great thing that he's unhurt! It's too bad about the car, of course. But it's best to look on the bright side of life. No one was hurt, and there will be another day and another car to drive.