Mommy & Me Quad : 2.5 Mile Snowshoe

Last Sunday, my mommy and I did the last leg of the quad . . . the 2.5 mile snowshoe! (The competitive participants had to do a 5 mile cross country ski).

It was a blast! And so great to finish the last part. We did it all. And we did it together.

We stayed in the back to start. .. it was crazy up front!!

We passed a guy on the way that fell in like 4 feet of snow. My my mom said, "are you ok?!" The guy said, "Yep." . . my mom said, "I missed it." The guy said, "it was a pretty good face plant." And then I found $5 . . . . .

All done! What a great way to get out and exercise, and even better to do it with my awesome mommy! You should sign up for next year! April 10th. 100 Yard Swim. Who's in?!

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