KC's Birthday! & MM&M!

Today marks a special day . . . one of my BFF's 27th birthday (Happy Birthday KC!)!!

I cannot imagine my life without her. It's a funny story, because we were never friends (but she hung out with my elementary friends, and I hung out with her elementary friends --- same people) until 7th grade. Once 7th grade hit, God gave us all the same classes together, and we instantly bonded! We kicked major bum in our home ec class . . always getting bonus points for being done first in the class, having extra clean and extra dry dishes, and for the yumminess of our concoctions (let's forget about the time where I took the biscuits out of the oven and burned my hand and the cookie sheet flew and all the biscuits fell all over the floor).

We then did cheerleading and auxiliary (flag & dance team) together where our bond got even closer! And although we had completely different majors in college, we ended up being "undecided" for the first two years, so we were able to take the same classes, and I crashed at her dorm room a lot.

Kristen is one of the most thoughtful, unselfish people I know. She always knows some how when I'm in a sad or bad mood, and knows exactly what to do and say to make me feel better. She's recommended me for several different awards/speeches in college, and I know without her, I wouldn't have received the experiences and the opportunities that I did.

If I want a good laugh, I hang out with her. . if I want a REALLY good laugh, I just give her some gin and tonic.

If I ever need fashion advice or home decorating tips, or for someone to help me with words, she's it! And if I ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to celebrate with me, she's it!

So blessed to have her in my life and so proud to call her one of my best friends!

Oh. . also! The SKANKs are getting together tomorrow to celebrate KC & I's birthdays. KC dibbed it as "MM&M"! Mexican, margaritas, and movies! Love these girls and can't wait! I'm going to make them do Just Dance 2 and take video and post it on here.


*kc said...

Tear! Love you too! :-)

Latha Vijayakumar said...

many many many more happy returns of the day.

Mark from Dallas said...

Yalls friendship inspires me. Following and supporting. Check out my blog