Grandma's 82nd Birthday!

My grandma turned 82 on February 9, 2011!

She didn't know how old she was, and I think she was kinda confused as to why everyone kept saying "happy birthday", but she's always a sucker for cake and presents, so she went with it.

A new coat!

One of her kitties (brother to our 2 kitties) & her birdie! Definitely get my love of animals from this woman! And my love of sweets! And maybe my forgetfulness too. . . .

But really, it was great to be able to celebrate her 82nd birthday! I sure do love her.

p.s. - Happy Valentine's Day!! Nothing big planned for us. Nice, relaxing dinner at home. . . Shane is also going to give me a back and foot massage, although he doesn't know it yet.


*kc said...

Happy Birthday, Gramma Jean!

Did her coat come in that small bag?

*Stace* said...

LOL. Yes. It's one of those washcloth like vacuum packed things. Got it out of a gumball machine. Kidding.