Rest in Peace Grandma Lou

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My Grandma Lou passed away yesterday, March 8th, at 11:15am.

This same exact day, but 19 years ago, my grandfather passed away.

As my grandmothers breathing became weaker and weaker and they knew her time was near, my uncle told my grandma to "go dance with dad". And with a nod of her head she went dancing with Grandpa.

Although this time is so devastating and sad, it is also filled with rejoice and comfort. My grandma suffered with Alzheimers for 11 years. And now she is free again. No more pain, no more suffering. She is with Jesus and that brings me so much relief.

She sure is missed already though. I will never forget how she would sing with me when we watched the sound of music together and I would dance around. Her voice really was angelic. I will always remember her love of Sean Connery and her beautiful flowers in her yard, especially the lilac bush. She was always so supportive and so loving. Her hugs were the best hugs in the world and her emotional nature was definitely passed down to me.

As she was sick in bed those last couple of days, she looked me straight in the eyes and told me she loved me. That moment I will never ever forget. It is bottled up in my brain and heart forever. I love you Grandma. Dance away!
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amy grace said...

sad, sad times! it's so awful losing a loved one - but so wonderful knowing they are in their pain-free bodies with our other loved ones and Jesus!!