Mommy & Me Quad : Swim!

Sunday marked the first event of the QUAD. The swim! 100 yards, which really doesn't seem that far, but holy cow! It's tiring when you are trying to go as fast as you can!
I asked my Mommy a while back to do the QUAD with me, and she said "yes!" (She said no pics of her, so don't tell her I put this up!) I really wanted to do the QUAD and was so glad that my mom was so eager and excited to do it with me!
I started out really well (thanks to the hubs for the pics)! I felt good, and my goggles weren't foggy or filled with water (always a plus). Then at about the 50 yard mark, I got REALLY tired. I don't breathe very well at all, let alone when I'm in the water, so that wasn't helping me.
So I flipped on my back to try to get more oxygen, but every time I would pick my arm up to do the backstroke, the water would go in my mouth! But I finally made it!
And so did my mommy! I was so proud of her! We both had a lot of fun and it felt so great afterward (she was feeling better than me! I couldn't breathe!)!
Excited to show off our awesome QUAD shirts! Seriously though. I was really excited about them! Blue, blue, and blue (love that color! . . don't notice my black coat that totally clashes with it though)! I guess when we complete all 4 events, we get an exclusive long sleeve t-shirt!
Here's Mommy and I after the event (her getting ready to leave)! I definitely think that we should maybe train a little more for the other events coming up rather than just going for a leisure (swim) run through once before the actual event! But it's so great to have my mommy in this with me. She's pushing me and I'm pushing her, and we are doing it together, and having a great time! Can't wait for the next event!! The 12 mile bike ride!


jtonyb said...

Maybe you should train to carry mom on your back

amy grace said...

wow, i didn't realize it was already time for one of the events! you both look so awesome swimming there! great job!! also, great job shane on the pics! they look really good. good luck on the next event - i agree, do more training ;) haha

*Stace* said...

mom did awesome though! maybe she should train to carry me on her back! i was pooped!

*kc said...

Congrats on completing the first leg of the quad. Great job, Karin and Stace!

Side Note: Where did you get that black coat - it looks just like mine. I wonder if we have matching coats and didn't even know it.

*Stace* said...

old navy online! they had talls!

Kt said...

Yayyy! great job to both of you!

KC: are you coat twinies with other people besides me! ?!?!

Stace: I love that you are ushe-ing it in your t-shirt pic! ahah

*Stace* said...

the ushe face just happens. . . i can't help it.