Faith Restored

Remember when I discussed my first 911 call?!

Our neighbors wrote a lovely letter to the editor about "
Faith in civil authorities restored".

Here is a blurb from Mrs. Herman's letter (read the rest here):

"My 911 call gave me more than I could ever dream: police, dogs, a helicopter and caring people at 2 a.m.
I want to thank the state police, McKean Fire Department, community volunteers and all our family and friends for the love and compassion shown to us in that time of trauma. You proved that, beyond a doubt, seniors are valuable."

This about made me cry. I stated how impressed I was with the police and 911 call center, and I still stand firm to that! They did an amazing job and used all their resources to find Mr. Herman. And I just love that we have such wonderful neighbors and an awesome society that still cares about each other. Go Erie!

p.s. - Thanks to my Mother-in-Law, Rita, for letting me know this letter was in the newspaper!


Sommer said...

i haven t read your blog in awhile and to hear how much you love bryce makes me so happy! u are the sister i never had! i hope you know how much i love u and u can c how much brycee does! and soon your nephew!

*Stace* said...

aww! that made me cry!! i am so blessed to have you all in my life!!