Well, Well!

Not the best picture (from a phone - I have better pics I will post later), but this is what we did last night . . . .

Dug and dug and dug! We noticed a puddle of water next to the well and the bark surrounding it was wet. We've been having issues with our water pump constantly running even when we don't have the water on, and we've never had the best water pressure.

We've had several other issues at our house already, and it is very stressful and disheartening, but I sure am glad that God put such amazing people in our lives that know how to fix all of it!

Our sister-in-law's (Sommer's) dad came over last night with Shane's dad and they thought that the adapter from the well was leaking . . . and they were right! After we dug down 3-4 feet, we saw the water squirting out. We were kinda relieved that we found the problem right away, instead of there being nothing there and still trying to figure out what it was.

Hopefully we can fix it today and that will help with our electric costs and water pressure!

Oh the joys of being a home owner! It never ends!

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