Everything go Boom.

We woke up early Saturday morning, excited for our day of skiing that awaited us . . or so we thought . . .
Our water heater wasn't working because it has been building up sediment and such for about 18 years or so. The heating elements were completely covered and crusted in sediment. This took Shane two hours to get out and there was still a foot left in the bottom. . . we decided it was time to get a new one.Here is Shane, his dad, and brother Bry putting the last minute touches on the new one! Hopefully this one works (so far so good)! We think the old one had so much crap b/c they had the water bypassing the water softener (which was also why our water tasted irony).
Then while they were fixing that, I was in our garage tidying things up, and saw this out the window . . . :-( Pretty much started crying after that. . . we've had some pretty upsetting things happen with our house since we've moved in (in addition to these 2 fun things). Almost to the point where I just want to rent and not have to worry about these kind of things. I'm sure (I hope) it will get better, but right now I'm just really overwhelmed with everything we had/have to do.

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amy grace said...

wait, is that a car port that "caved in?" that's nuts!