Shaney's 26th Birthday!

This past weekend, we celebrated Shaney's birthday!

Friday, we went to JR's Last Laugh with his fam and my parents! It was so much fun, and I really don't know why we don't go there more often!
Saturday, we had the fam over to celebrate with some pizza, cake, and icecream!
We like to get fun cakes, because who says that you have to have balloons on every single cake past 16?!And the awesomely true card that my parents got Shane . . . .
Gosh do I have the best parents and hubby anyone could ask for! ;-)

Seriously though.


amy grace said...

that card is awesome.

but i think i have the best parents and (future) husband ever. sorry. ;)

Shane said...

well i have the best wife ever so there

*kc said...

Funny Card.

I don't have a husband. So I win!