Last Ski Trip!

Shane and I took what will probably be our last ski trip yesterday. And what a BEAUTIFUL day it was! Sun was shining (even got a little sun on my face)! Blue skies! Freshly groomed trails! Fun jumps!

Here are some pics of Shane going off the jumps and going in the half pipe @ the Peak! He is amazzzzzing at skiing. He goes so fast through the woods, and can jump and do tricks like it's his job! One day I'll get there! ;-) . . . (yeah right). It's so fun for me to watch him though, and it was such a great day out! I did go off some of the jumps (no fancy tricks though), and I landed them too (No pics or vid. You'll just have to trust me on that).

Sad that we probably won't be able to ski again this season, but soooooooooo excited for warmer weather (hopefully)!

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Kt said...

Not only am I amazed at his skiing (which I am sooo bad at) but I am amazed he trusted you to have your camera in the snow :)

which btw my camera isnt working :(