Spring Has Come! . . .

For now . . . (but I'll take it!)

This past Saturday my parents and Behren came to visit, and since it was so nice out, we decided to meander in our back yard.
The trees are budding!
Life is coming out of hiding!
So my dad said this is some type of bug house and the hole in it is where a bird pecked and ate them all . . . . (or he could've totally made that all up and I COMPLETELY believed him).Proof that there were deer in our back yard!!! Yay!!! :-) (My cousin told me to get some acorn rage to bring the deer in! He uses this to lure them to hunt them, but I just want to see them up close, because they are so gosh darn cute!)
And of course Behren had to find our creek and go for a quick dip! Although, he wasn't as eager to get into the tub later for a bath!
So excited for the spring and summer so we can explore our back yard even more!

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