Sorry Boss, I'm Leaving . . .

Or at least that is what I would like to say to him today. . . it's too nice out to be at work!

Have you been outside yet?! If not. Stop. Seriously. You need to stop everything you are doing and take a quick walk outside. It is absolutely beautiful out! And it's November 9th!! Go Erie!

There is just something about that warm, beautiful weather that makes you feel completely energized (or maybe it's because I am finally feeling better after a 2 week ugly sickness . . blah)! I want to go run 5 miles, bike around the peninsula, and sit under a tree by the lake to read some more of Twilight.

Yes. . .I am a little slow, but I just started reading the Twilight Saga and I'm already hooked (only 70 pages into it)!

For all of this though, I will have to wait until the work day is over . . . hope the weather can hold out until then!

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