So seriously. GLEE is my favorite show EVER. It's like the show I have been waiting for my entire life. It has humor, drama, romance, excitment, suspense, and AWESOME singing!!! I have never been so eager to watch a show and find myself listening to the songs from the show over and over.

Here is a song from one of the most recent episodes (Lea Michele "Rachel Berry" has one of the BEST voices I have ever heard). . . if only I could sing half as good as her!! Or even a quarter!!

If you have not seen it, you need to at least try it out.

FOX. Wednesdays. 9PM.


Jayne said...

You are right, Lea's voice is beyond amazing.

*kc said...

Yes! Love it!

What I find shocking is "Glee" was created by Ryan Murphy, the creator of "Nip/Tuck."

P.S. Defying Gravity was great. Now I REALLY want to see this Broadway show. I'm jealous you already saw it.

*Stace* said...

That is weird about the creator!

Wicked is showing in Cleveland this weekend!! :-) I want to go see it again sometime! It was really good!