Port Farms with Bryce & Santa

We were lucky enough to get invited to go to Port Farms with Bryce to see her eat breakfast with Santa! It was so cute there and it was so cute to see Bryce in her Christmas outfit!
This picture was taken two photos after she just kept pointing at me like "Aunt Staci! I see you taking pictures of me . . . ok fine. I will give a little smirk so you stop."
Bry, Sommer, & Bryce before going in! It was quite cold and quite sunny!
The adorable fam! Bry, Sommer, & Brycee!! She was getting ready to go at this point, but it was so much fun! I don't have any good pictures of her with Santa because it was so gosh darn dark where they had him, but she was definitely not sure of him. Next year she'll be ready!

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Sommer said...

Bryce sure loves her auntie staci!!!