Getting Excited!

It's that time of year! Here are things I'm excited for . . .
  • Steelers beating the Browns tonight
  • Finishing up on Christmas presents (I think I am mainly done except a few things for a few people and I've been wrapping as I've been getting, so I'm all up to date on that too for the most part).
  • Volleyball
  • Closing on our NEW house on Dec. 18th!
  • White Christmas @ Erie Playhouse w/Shane, Mommy, Daddy, Don, & Rita
  • Dan & Marissa coming home!
  • Steelers beating the Packers
  • 9 Christmas parties/get-togethers . . .
Now things I'm not excited for:
  • 9 Christmas parties . . ha! I mean it's nice to see everyone and eat and mingle and exchange presents, but holy crap! Isn't that way too many?! We won't have time to relax and enjoy!
  • Paying a mortgage, homeowners insurance, taxes, etc. again . . . oh to just have to pay rent and utilities! It was nice while it lasted. (I am very excited to have our own place again though)!
  • Realizing the Steelers will probably lose again and not make playoffs this year (maybe that will help on the having more time thing though).
Crazy time of year. For both work and personal life. It never is dull though, that's for sure!

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