New House!

Well we are moved in!! :-) Kinda . . . still some things at Shane's dad's that we need to bring over, but this will be the 2nd night we are sleeping at the new house! (in the living room on our mattress . .we took down the paneling in our bedroom and took out all the nails and spackled up the holes. . . need to do some sanding, spackling, sanding, painting, trim, new engineered hardwood floor, organizer in closet, new closet doors, and new light and we'll be all ready to move in!)

I have been taking pics, but have had no time to put them on the computer that is not here yet (promise I will get some up eventually though).

We have had some little problems so far . . Shane dropped tin snips on the kitchen floor and put a rather large hole in it. . . . we were putting away our wine glasses and I totally dropped one and sliced up my finger and got glass EVERYWHERE!! Shane dumped the kitty water all over the floor, and we JUST figured out how to get our wood stove to blow out the hot air! But it's nice and toasty in here now and we are finally starting to feel like we are getting things done.

And it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo great to finally have our own place again.

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