Health Dilemma

So my work is having this contest where people send in their "healthy choices" story and the winner gets a paid trip to the Winter Olympics.

They picked the the top 10 and the employees get to vote on who they think should win, and I didn't think I would have such a hard time choosing, but I am!

At first I read about a guy who was over 500 pounds and lost like 262 of it (let's call him Bernie)! I was almost in tears reading Bernie's story about how he struggled and tried so hard to lose the weight (you know . . . just like the Biggest Loser on tv . . because really for people to get in that condition and somehow find the will power to push ahead and work harder than I EVER have in my entire life is just amazing to me).

And then there were all these other applicants that talked about how they eat healthy, run marathons, coach their kids sports programs, etc. . and I thought "Are you kidding me?!. .. I'm definitely voting for the guy that lost all the weight!"

And then, right before I clicked to vote, I thought . . . "Why shouldn't I vote for someone who has made healthy choices their whole life? What makes them not as deserving as someone who has made unhealthy choices but learned they need to start making good choices? Because I am sure those "healthy" people have also worked just as hard, if not harder than Bernie!"

So I need help. Who would you vote for? And why?

The guy who worked hard after he ate his way to over 500 lbs and then realized he needed to change his health habits and lost 262 lbs (Bernie) . . or

One of the people who have been making healthy choices their entire lives (let's call them the Green Giants)?

Vote on my poll off to the side!

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