NYC! T-Minus 1 Day!

Well, at this time tomorrow we will be on our way to NYC!! My first trip there, and boy am I excited!

We finally sat down over the past weekend and tried to plan out our activities, and I think we have a good plan! But there is also the HUGE possibility that we will get distracted along the way and completely go off track (which is fine as long as we eventually make time to see all the things we want to see). If it works out well, I'll post our itinerary and such so if anyone ever wants to go to NYC, you can work off our plan!

Kinda bummed because the Statue of Liberty is already booked up! We wanted to go in the crown, but we will settle for a free trip on the Staten Island Ferry and see it from afar.

We did book our broadway show!! 3rd row back from the Front Mezzaine for Mary Poppins! I could not decide what to see and I asked Shane and he said "I am not going to enjoy any of them, so it doesn't matter to me . . . " . . Ha! I hope Mary Poppins proves him wrong!

NYC . . . here we come!

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